How can we design social robots that really match our needs and expectations?

The workshop proceedings have been published.

It is not surprising, that we are probably more inclined to accept a robot in our daily lives and even our home, if we have the feeling that it is a perfect match. A robot that behaves in a way we find pleasant and appropriate, that considers our individual characteristics and preferences. The concept of personalization has been introduced in order to create such personal, tailored human-robot interactions (HRI). Personalizing HRI means that robot takes into account individual user characteristics and can adjust its behavior to the situation and the human interaction partner. Previous HRI research indicates that personalization can have positive effects on the user experience during HRI as well as the user’s attitudes towards and perceptions of the robot.

Our workshop is aimed at discussing the value of and exchanging ideas about the concept of personalization for HRI design. More concretely, we want to explore tools, methods and processes for appropriate robot behavior design and interaction modelling for personalized HRI. The workshop uses interactive, creative activities inspired by design thinking and co-creation.

We invite participants to submit position papers especially covering the following topics:

  • Personalized HRI for companion robots, collaborative tasks, education, rehabilitation, elderly care
  • Interaction strategies for social HRI
  • User research and studies in social HRI
  • Human–centered design for personalization in HRI
  • HRI design methodologies
  • User modeling
  • Interaction modeling
  • Design Patterns for HRI
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